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Elementary Level 5

 See prerequisites for Beginners Levels, plus:

Being able to talk about one’s plans for the future and to ask somebody else about theirs:
a near future
- knowing when/how to use the immediate future: aller+ infinitive
- knowing how to use the imperative to give orders: va/allez, etc
- knowing when/how to use il y a
- knowing how to conjugate pouvoir, vouloir, prendre, boire, payer, offrir in the present tense
Being able to ask somebody to do something (formal way)
Being able to order/request and stop somebody from doing something
- knowing how to use : imperative: il faut, devoir,
Being able to offer/accept/refuse an invitation
Being able to make an appointment over the phone
- knowing how to ask/give time
- knowing how to say the date
Being able to give one’s opinion: both positive and negative and write a review
Being able to ask for prices, order a meal in a restaurant

Being able to give advice

Being able to recount past events

Grammatical knowledge:
As for Beginner level 5, plus:
- all possessive adjectives, gender and number
- mon/ma/mes, ton/ta/tes, etc
- how to conjugate l‘impératif: affirmative and negative
- 3 ways of asking questions: Viens-tu?/est-ce-que tu viens?/Tu viens?
- savoir/connaître: when to use one or the other
- pronoms personnels toniques: moi, toi, soi, nous, vous, eux
- pronoms personnels compléments d’objet direct: me/m’, te/t’, le/l’, la/l’, nous, vous, les: il me plait, tu les vois quand?
- when to use le ‘passé composé’ and its conjugation according to the verb used: je suis allée en France en juillet, j’ai découvert l’Ardèche avec ma soeur, nous avons adoré!
- conjugation and use of plaire/faire plaisir
- expression of quantity: un peu de , beaucoup de, etc

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