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Beginners Level 6

Communication Skills 1:

  • Being able to make contact with somebody, to greet them, to apologize, to spell
  • Knowing when and how to use tu or vous
  • Understanding and being able to use some non-verbal communicative gestures French people use
  • Getting familiar with genders (masculine and feminine) of inanimate words

Communication Skills 2:

  • Being able to introduce yourself or others and ask somebody else to introduce themselves.
  • Knowing how to fill in a form
  • Knowing the definite articles: le, la, les
  • Knowing the subject personal pronouns: je, tu, il, elle, vous
  • Knowing how to ask and answer questions related to name, age, address, telephone number
  • Knowing how to use the verbs (conjugate), être, avoir, s'appeler, habiter, travailler, apprendre in the present tense
  • Knowing adjectives of nationality
  • Knowing how to count from 1 to 69

Communication Skills 3:

  • Being able to deliver personal information both orally and in written French
  • Being able to express an opinion
  • Being able to express what we like and dislike
  • Being able to talk about our hobbies/pastimes
  • Being able to ask somebody else to talk about themselves
  • Being able to deliver personal information about somebody else
  • Being able to express possession
  • Knowing when to use possessive adjectives: mon, ton, son, ma, ta, sa
  • Knowing when to use du/de la in faire de la natation or faire du tennis
  • Knowing when to use on/nous
  • Knowing how to use negation: ne.... pas, pas... de
  • Knowing how to conjugate -er verbs in the present tense
  • Knowing vocabulary related to the family, to status (célibataire, marié/e, etc)
  • Knowing names of sports, jobs
  • Knowing numbers after 69
  • Knowing when to use on, c'est/il est
  • Knowing when to use si versus oui/non

Communication Skills 4:

  • Being able to speak about what you did in the past using verbs ending in -er, aller included
  • Knowing how  to conjugate le passé composé

Communication Skills 5:

  • Being able to talk about routines: being able to say how often you do something
  • Being able to ask somebody how often they do such or such thing:
  • Knowing the expression combien de fois and when to use it
  • Knowing when and how to use jamais, parfois, souvent,  toujours
  • Knowing how to ask questions:
- in a formal way: "Êtes-vous libre samedi?"
- using est-ce que: "Est-ce que vous êtes libre samedi?
- in a more informal way, using the right intonation: "Tu es libre samedi?"

Communication Skills 6:

  • Being able to ask somebody to do something in a formal or informal manner
  • Knowing when to use: j'aimerais, pourriez-vous? puis-je?

Communication Skills 7:

  • Being able to talk about one's own plans and to ask somebody else about their own plans in a near future
  • Knowing when/how to use the immediate future: aller+ infinitive
  • Knowing how to use the imperative to give orders: va/allez, etc
  • Knowing how to form the plural of nouns
  • Knowing when/how to use il y a
  • Knowing all the subject pronouns: je/tu/il/elle/on/nous/vous/ils/elles
  • Knowing how to conjugate pouvoir, vouloir, aller, and reflexive verbs, e.g s'appeler, in the present tense

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