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Beginners Level 5

 See prerequisites for Beginners Level 2, plus:

Communication Skills 6:

Being able to talk about your town/village
- nowing the vocabulary related to shops, public places, etc
- knowing how to ask for and give directions
- knowing ordinal numbers: premier, première, deuxième, septième, etc
- knowing prepositions such as : à côté de, en face, derrière, devant, etc
- giving and understanding an itinerary
- knowing pourquoi, parce que and its contraction parce qu’

Communication Skills 7:

Being able to make a hotel/Backpackers, etc, booking
- asking for or reading information related to accomodation
- knowing how to thank and respond to somebody thanking you
- knowing how to talk of means of transport: aller à bicyclette, prendre le bus, descendre du train

Communication Skills 8:

Being able to write a postcard:
- giving one’s impressions on a place
- talking about one’s activities
- ask/give information about the country one is coming from or going to
- say what the weather is like

Communication Skills 9:

Being able to give personal information about one’s tastes, one’s hobbies, interests, jobs, etc
Being able to give information about somebody’s temperament and to describe them physically

Grammatical knowledge:

As for Beginners Level 2, plus:
- when to choose definite or indefinite articles:
   il y a un petit musée d’art contemporain dans ma ville // le musée d’art contemporain dans ma ville est ouvert tous les jours
- how to ask a question with ’est-ce que’
- how to use articles contractés: au cinéma, près du cinéma,
- how to conjugate: prendre, descendre, aller, faire and venir in the present tense
- demonstrative articles, when to use them, which one according to the gender of the noun which follows: ce, cette, ces
- Faire/aller + articles contractés: aller au restaurant, faire du sport 
- masculine, feminine, plural of adjectives, e.g.: grand, grande, grands, grandes
- pronoms personnels toniques, e.g.: selon moi, je vais avec toi

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